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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and think twice before you give your e-mail address to a merchant. >> right now at 11:00, another security concern during the height of the holiday shopping spree. the warning about a question in the checkout lane. >> be careful about your receipt. it's an invitation for hackers to get your info.
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hackers and marketers could be on your tail. nbc bay area's jean elle has the story, new tonight at 11:00. >> under california law, when you pay with a credit card, it's illegal for merchants to ask you for private information. but the paperless receipt is providing a loophole. and you can bet that retailers are using that address long after sending you that receipt. this holiday shopping season, the chat at checkout including a request for your e-mail address. merchants are offering to e-mail you a receipt. and it's a popular option. >> it saves time. and i don't have to carry the receipt and find a place for the receipt. >> reporter: but privacy advocates warn that merchants are doing a lot more with that e-mail address than just sending your receipt. >> once they got it, they will
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build a data base about you. and they'll market to you. and they can sell it to third parties. >> reporter: after getting an e-receipt for a bike rental, andrew foster said new ads started rolling in. >> the number of ads that will pop up for bike stores. >> reporter: foster said getting a discount along with his information, would make the transaction easier to stomach. >> what bothers me, almost as much as the privacy concern, is they're extracting information about you without compensation. >> reporter: security should be a concern. >> the more information they have on customers, the more it can fall into the wrong hands. and there are huge problems with the security of business data bases. >> reporter: with thieves, packing into major retailers,
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consumer groups say less is more, when it comes to sharing information at checkout. if you use paperless receipts at stores, aggregators can compile that information and come up with your address. >> good information. new details about that massive security breach at target. nervous shoppers flooded target's online service today. that is after hackers stole credit and debit card information from some 40 million customers. the card swiped at every u.s. store between november 27th and this past sunday. it includes name, account numbers and the three-digit security code on the back of cards. it doesn't look like the card p.i.n. numbers were stolen. >> i don't think it's safe anywhere anymore. this happened to me twice in the
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gas station. it seems to be the sign the times. people can hack into anything. >> target is warning customers to watch out for any unusual activity on their credit card and bank statements. in a statement issued today, the company said it is partnering with a third party forensics term and to examine any additional measures they can take that would be designed to prevent incidents of this kind in the future. the secret service is also looking into this case. from divine intervention to illegal injunction. a new route for relatives of a little girl on life support at oakland children's hospital. tonight, they say they will be asking an alameda county judge to keep jahi on a ventilator. cheryl hurd has the latest. and the hospital, also in a difficult position. >> reporter: they are, indeed, jessica. late tonight, the family of jahi
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mcmath say they held a meeting with the head of pediatrics, here at oakland's children's suspect. they asked if jahi could be on life support until the end of christmas. the doctor said no. but the family is barring them from telling the entire story. >> he pretty much yelled it across the table four times. we can't do that. that's an unusual request. don't you understand, jahi is dead, dead. with no compassion, at all. >> reporter: jahi mcmath's uncle is telling his reaction to reporters about the fate of the teenager. >> this is the coldest meeting we've ever been a part of since we've come here. >> reporter: jahi came to the hospital to get her tonsils removed. when she came out of surgery, there was a complication. the hospital declared her brain-dead a few days later.
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since then, the family has been fighting to keep her on life support. they held a nationwide prayer vigil at a church, hoping for divine intervention. >> have her for christmas. you know, bring her her gifts. and she has brothers that can't celebrate christmas. >> reporter: the family asked for an independent physician to look at the hospital findings. they are waiting for a decision from the hospital on that request. >> the law says they're entitled to the records, period. it doesn't say that children's policy overrides the law. the law says the records are theirs. they can see them. >> reporter: the head of pediatrics released this statement late tonight. it says, in part, we implored the family to allow the hospital to openly discuss what has occurred and to give us the necessary legal permission, which it has been withholding, that would bring clarity, and we believe some measure of closure
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and deeper understanding of this medical case. jahi's family is not giving up hope. >> i told him he better not touch her. he better not touch her. you have no right. you do not have permission to take her off. >> reporter: the family attorney says he will be at alameda superior court to get an injunction to keep jahi on life support. 11 pit bulls groomed to fight. a dogfighting ring busted right here in the bay area. police went to a home to serve a warrant. they did find 11 pit bulls chained up in kennels. one dog bit two people before being subdued. this is one of the bigger operations they've seen in quite some time. >> this was a much, much more
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sophisticated operation than that. 11 dogs, all chained independently so they couldn't interact with one another. all undersocialized. medications, syringes. >> this is equipment that was confiscated at the scene. this is a treadmill to train the dogs, as well as weight belts to make the animals stronger. fremont police are looking for five men involved in a home invasion. a woman was hiding in a bedroom when they stormed inside. it happened yesterday on armor way. the woman was home alone. she called her brother for help. police say she is new to the united states and she didn't know about calling 911. surveillance shows a man running across a yard or hopping into a gray suv. one man had a gun. and another, a knife. and before they fled, officers say they found the woman, the suspects, and ripped a gold
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chain off of her neck. a home burglar in one of the most exclusive towns in the bay area. releasing this video hoping to catch three men connected to a burglary in the los altos hills. deputies say they broke a sliding glass door, ransacked the house and jewelry. police are looking for a thief that may have burglarized several homes near the police department. for now, officers say there was a man inside that looked like this sketch. the victim said he put his hand under his vjacket. and said he had a gun. the suspect took off with cash and jewelry. investigators say this person in the sketch may have broken into several other units at the same apartment complex. two months after the deadly b.a.r.t. accident, the ntsb handed down its safety recommendations today.
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they want redundancies like monitoring and warning devices. it wants to see the federal transit administrator require a review of procedures. the recommendations come after the october 19th accident, in which a b.a.r.t. train killed two employees that were inspecting the tracks in walnut creek. now, to a developing story overseas. in london, it is friday morning. and dozens of people are nursing injuries at this hour, after a ceiling collapsed at the apollo theater. this happened during a performance around 8:00 london time. 8:00 p.m., with a packed house of 700 people. those in the upper balcony, heard cracking sounds. then, the unthinkable. >> i don't think it was an explosion. and the ceiling came down. a lot of dust, chandelier and that stuff, landed on five or six rows. >> the apollo is a well-known
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theater. no one died. and there was a handful of serious injuries. looking for an example of the federal government wasting your money? we audit the faa and the san jose airport. nearly four years later, it's still not finished. and you can't see it. but it is there. the disturbing discovery found on 97% of chicken breasts you buy in the store. and caught on camera. passengers spring into action during an armed robbery on a bus. good evening. i'm jeff raineri. we had gusty winds today, topping 50 miles per hour. but we'll have more news on a much-improved weekend forecast. probably the best in weeks. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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tonight, a snapshot of the government at work. or perhaps, not at work. the faa leveled serious accusations against san jose and the city's airport back in 2010. >> to keep san jose from averting millions into the city's account. tony kovaleski is here with an exclusive investigation. there's missing money and four years of delays? >> exactly. what we found raises questions about the faa's credibility and attention to detail. we've questioned how serious accusations involving millions of dollars can continue to sit in a state of limbo. tonight, we investigate the faa's audit unresolved, nearly four years later.
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>> we've responded to the letter. >> reporter: she's the director of san jose's airport. trying to explain a series of delays, trying to justify an example of government inefficiency. this is an audit that started four years ago. as we sit here today, it's still not finished. >> it's a lot of complicated issues. >> reporter: back in 2010, the federal aviation administration, accused the city of san jose of improperly using airport profits. >> i think we're close to buttoning it up. and we can move on to other things at that point. >> reporter: it's not acceptable to not finalize an audit after three years. >> reporter: he is the former executive in the faa and the current director of the faa whistleblowers alliance. he made the statements back in march. now, nine months later, nearly
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four years after the faa spent tens of thousands of dollars sending auditors to san jose, reviewing records and producing this draft report, the audit remains unfinished and unresolved. >> we've not heard from them, a final disposition on where they are with the latest response. that was in mid-october. >> reporter: here's one reason for the latest delay. look at the address from the faa's most recent communication. what is the address 1732 north 1st street in san jose. >> that's our previous address. >> reporter: that mistake delayed the process another 30 days. a mistake by the same faa that named the wrong airport and the wrong city in the audit's original draft back in 2010. so, this is an faa that first sent an audit that said it was the san diego airport in san diego. this is an faa that sends a response letter to the wrong address.
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>> there's a lot of people managing the process. >> reporter: the airport's director minimizes the latest mistake as nothing more than an administrative oversight. you're playing nice? >> i'm playing nice because i believe that. >> reporter: we asked the faa for an explanation and received this response. quote, we will not be granting an interview on san jose international airport. we continue to work with the airport to resolve the remaining issues found in our review. nearly four years after the faa accused the city of san jose of illegally diverting millions of dollars of the airport's profits into the city's general fund, that audit remains stalled. shouldn't we expect more from the faa than getting the wrong airport, the wrong city and now
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the wrong mailing address? >> i think we need to focus on the true ce business of the faa. that's protecting the safety of the traveling public. >> now, the city of san jose contends it has done nothing wrong. but to resolve the conflict, san jose said to refund the airport. that has not been accepted by the faa. and in its recent communication, the faa said it hoped to reach a resolution by august 31st of this year. that was 110 days ago. >> it's a lot of money floating around. where could it end up? >> a whole lot of work. and the city has been asked to be accountable. the faa is saying it needs to do something. four years of your tax dollars into this audit and nothing's done. >> i'm sure you'll stay on it. >> we will. >> if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips.
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or send an e-mail to the unit at a discovery in your chicken. "consumer reports" found harmful bacteria on 90% of chicken breast purchased at stores. half of the samples had one antibiotic strain, as well. "consumer reports" recommends cooking chicken thoroughly to 165 degrees. and buying chicken raised without antibiotics. new and unbelievable video tonight. out of seattle. watch. an altercation between a gun-wielding robber and unsuspecting passenger on a city bus. the suspect was walking up to passengers, sticking the gun in their faces and demanding the cell phone. one passenger said, no. i'm not going to do it. the passengers quickly joined in and held the suspect down until police arrived. it's not what you should be
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doing. the suspect later told cops he was stealing iphones to sell on the street at about 400 bucks apiece. turn things over to jeff raineri, our chief meteorologist. we say, we're almost on the weekend. >> the weather is in line with the weekend forecast. we're starting to see improvement. at the coastline where the buoys were topping 40 miles per hour, just a few hours ago, now down to 10 to 20. improving on the windy conditions. we're seeing numbers drop in the north bay. i want to take you to the east bay. we've been noticing some sustained winds. gusting close to 20, over the last hour. we'll likely see some of the forecast. let's go ahead and take a look. 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. up to about 22 miles per hour. but throughout the day on
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friday, down to 15. and then, you can see saturday and sunday, not a problem at all. winds, 5 to 10 miles per hour. so, with that wind calming, how does the rest of the forecast look? let's go ahead and take a look. we have high pressure building offshore. and with that sitting there, that's going to act as a shield. any rainfall that tries to get close is going to get deflected off. any of the showers right here, it's got so much dry air. as it tries to get closer, not going to happen for us. we can have sunny and clear skies. and that's going to help to drop our temperatures. tomorrow morning, 35 in napa. south san jose, expecting 38 degrees, as well. let's take a look at that microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. said it was going to get better. sunny skies across the entire bay area. san jose expecting a high of 63. morgan hill could be one of the warmest with 64. and across most of the
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peninsula, at about 60. with san francisco in the upper 50s to low 60s, throughout the north bay, east bay and tri valley. and we'll top out likely with some of the warmest weather, where oddly we're going to start out with the coldest temperatures. napa, santa rosa, mid-30s. by the afternoon, temperatures rebounding to the mid-60s. we'll look at 65 in livermore and pleasanton, at 65, as well. as we push towards the weekend, winter arrives on saturday. winter solstice at 9:11 in the morning. that's going to signal the shortest amount of daylight for us, with 9 hours and 33 minutes. after winter solstice, we'll get more daylight back into your life. as we head throughout the first week of winter, looks like an awesome forecast. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. mostly sunny skies. looks like an awesome christmas coming our way. >> unwrap.
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>> i worked hard to remember that detail. coming up, it was batkid. now, it's wonder girl. a city rolling out the red carpet.
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look out batkid. there's a new hero in town. a superhero. 10-year-old monika romo was transferred into wonder girl at her home in vallejo today. she had no idea what was happening. romo visited city hall and several cool s romo visited city hall and several coolchools, including h own classmates at pennycook elementary. >> i think it's nice that people would do something like this. >> i'm grateful. we have had so much support since day one from everybody. >> that brought a smile to a lot of people's faces. a group called vallejo together organized the event. it was inspired by what san
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francisco did for batkid, miles scott. romo is in remission but undergoes chemotherapy. a tough night for the warriors and for the sharks, too. dave feldman joins us, up next.
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feldy joins us from our newsroom. there was some groaning in both of our newsrooms tonight. >> absolutely. there was some simultaneous groaning. no question. the warriors hosted the spurs. tony parker with a shin injury. tim duncan and manu ginobili, on the second night of a back-to-back. pick this up with under a minute to play in the fourth. warriors down three. steph curry misses the jumper. but the ball gets back to him. pump fake and got it. we are tied. on the ensuing spurs possession.
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marco belinelli misses. boris diaw misses. splitter, tips it in. spurs win, 104-102. sharks taking on their archrival, the l.a. kings in l.a. a knee-on-knee collision with dustin brown. would not return. sharks lose 4-1. they've lost eight-straight in l.a. to the kings. as the regular season heads towards its conclusion, two facts have become clear. the 49ers are getting better. and so, too, is their coach's press conference. when jim harbaugh was asked about his long-term future with the 49ers. >> we've come to talk about contracts. i've always felt it's in nobody's best interest to publicly discuss those.
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heresy is not admissible evidence. an unnamed source is heresy, is it not? beware of unnamed sources. they speak with thwarted tongue. i watch a lot of "judge judy." we think that's the first time ever an nfl cope has quoted judge judy.
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we are personally vested in this story. >> yes. >> who makes the best burrito in the country? the honor goes to a restaurant here in san francisco. the it earned the number one spot on the list for best burrito. the restaurant is owned by -- our own reporter, jodi hernandez
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and her very nice husband. now, according to "the daily mail," it stands out with its combo of grill to order steak, rice and beans. >> it was delicious. i have yet to have a burrito. >> jodi, we need some food tomorrow. >> the next live shot. congratulations. >> good night. see you tomorrow.
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